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Men of the King & Queen and their Craft 

Customs Men in Cornwall 1705 & 1779  Names with Sources

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Known Coast Guards in Cornwall 1822 - 1901  Names with Sources

King or Queens Men, Born in Cornwall Served Elsewhere    Names with Sources

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Wills available on the web for officers of the Customs, Excise & Coast Guard.



PRO 68/1 Outpost Records 1722 

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post

The West Briton

The Royal Cornwall Gazette

The Times of London

On-line Smuggling books to read



The Law and Smuggling  

The Roll of  the Cornish Jury

Roscoff: A Famous Smuggling Port


Old Cornwall Journal

Smuggling Memories   Volume 1 Issue 2

Cornwall and the Smuggling Trade by A.A. Clinnick Volume 1 No.2

All Silent in the Night by Bessie Wallace Volume 3 No. 10 (Gwithian)

Smuggling Days by J. Keast, Volume 5

A Glimpse of Smuggling   Volume 9 No.5

Norway House the Home of a Smuggler   Volume 9 No.5

Coastguards Daughter by Alberta Hobbs Volume 5 No.9


The on line newsletter of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Click on Troaze and follow the links to the following articles.

"Petates and fish: Cornish Fishermen Smugglers in the late Eighteenth Century"

By Tony Pawlyn  Volume 2 Issue 1


Maritime Business in Eighteenth-Century Cornwall Zephaniah Job of Polperro

By Martin Wilcox  Volume 2 Issue 2


Merchants and smugglers in eighteenth -century Penzance: the brothers John and James Dunkin 

By Charlotte MacKenzie


Old Bailey Trial Transcripts

Many of the cases below involved a Lawyer called William Garrow. A TV series called Garrow's Law was released on DVD and to get a feeling of the trials at the OLD Bailey in the 18th Century are well worth watching.

In order to find and read the trial transcripts of the cases listed below click on a name and when the Old Bailey page opens click your computers control key and f  this should open your FIND box. Type the word either a full name or the word ROYAL and then clicking on the go through until you find the case you want. 

John Martin, Walter Cross, James Bell, John Williams, William Bell, William Stone, Benjamin Savory, 19th July 1786.  (Mullion)

Joseph Knight, 27th February 1788  (Roche)

John Snell, Richard Rowe, Oliver Ruthey, 10th September 1788.    (Kingston Parish Cornwall)

John Old, 10th December 1788.  (Falmouth)

James Williams, 3rd June 1789  (Penzance)

Antony Balless & Stephen Edwards, 8th June 1791  (Cawsand)

John Hawkey, 15th January 1794  (Wainbridge believed to be a misspelling og Wadebridge.)

John Longmead, 28th October 1795  (Tallance)

John Heals, Peter Avery & John Chapman, 9th January 1799  (Broad Oak)

Edward  Samuel Barnard,  20th February 1799.  (Helston and Wendron)

William Barrett, Robert Mark, William Foster, William Searle & Thomas Ventin 30th October 1799  (At Sea between Lizard and Lands End)

William Strick, 28th May 1800.  (St Kevern)

Edward  Bawden, 15th April 1801   (Gwithian)

John George, 24th April 1805  (Sennen)

Christopher Pollard  10th July 1805   (Sennen)

William Row, George Row, 24th April 1805 (Bodmin-Cause, near Luxillion,)  Luxulyan

Jacob Denny, 17th February 1813  (Landed cargo at Sennen)


Smugglers Yarns 

The Smugglers of Penrose

A Famous Smuggling Craft

The Smugglers of Sennen

The Smugglers of Zennor

The Old Cawsands Smugglers Tale

The Smugglers of Mount's Bay

The Cruel Coppinger

The Happy-Go-Lucky Affair

A Gwithian Smuggler?


Family Research

Henry George the Mullion Spotsman and Lieut. Drew 

The Sad Tale of William Toll 

The "Corlyons", Both Sides of the Fence.  

Some Fluellen Customs Men


Songs and Ditties


A Cornish Lullaby poems and other songs   




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