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Cornwall  Smugglers


Coast Guard / Revenue / Salt Officers


Known Coast Guards In Cornwall

1822 - 1901

In 1809 the Board of Customs formed the Preventive Water Guard to fight smuggling. This water borne force used small boats to patrol every bay and cove. In 1822 the Water Guard became the Coast Guard and  were placed under the Treasury and strengthened with 151 stations organised in 31 districts. At each station the chief officer, chief boatman and boatman were experienced naval seamen or fishermen. Supplied with ammunition and stores, they were at sea whenever possible in their four or six oared galley, and in bad weather formed a shore patrol.

On this page I list some of those men and women who served in the Coast Guard in Cornwall between its inception as a separate service in 1816 and 1901. Although the two words were not linked until the twentieth century I have used this form in the tables for easier working.

If you have any details you would like to add then please send me an e-mail listing them.


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